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Embracing Technology

Baselog offers a complete structure with 22000 square meters to solve your company’s logistics problems. With latest generation equipment and a completely computerized system, we ensure all the agility and security that your business needs. And more: with all the costs suited to your needs, generating much more savings.


Latest Technology In Stock

With Baselog, your load is monitored through a modern warehouse management system combined with radio frequency technology. This avoids problems of incorrect data entry and enables online monitoring of the entire process. Moreover, Baselog works with one of the best database softwares, which increases security and reliability on inventory control.


Increased Availability Of Services

To offer a complete structure that meets all the needs of new customers, Baselog offers outsourcing of various services, such as: palletizing and repackaging, cross docking, full/partial picking, kit mounting, automatic production supply, physical distribution and milk-run.


Stock And Warehouse Management Administration

More than just a place to store your stock, your business depends on fast and reliable information. After all, it is essential that your deadlines are met, that your products are always available to their business, and most importantly, you need to have total control of entry, exit and movement operations. Baselog works with the latest technology to offer the tranquility and agility you want in the administration of your inventory or management of your warehouse.


Internal And External Logistics Specialist

Baselog’s specialized logistics adapts itself to the needs of each client and each type of merchandise, being able to work in plants supply operations (Inbound) and the distribution of finished products to the final consumer (Outbound).

Air Transport

With a global network, we operate in all continents, with flights departing and arriving in Brazilian major airports, prioritizing the satisfaction and international success of our customers in partnership with major companies.

Sea Shipping

Baselog has competitive freight rates in sea shipping, import and export, in FCL, LCL, Break-Bulk and Cargo. Project in partnership with the top carriers in all ports of Brazil.

Land Transport

Baselog’s Transportation Management System has an efficient system of communication and online control, meets the security and logistics needs, allowing full monitoring of cargo in Brazil and abroad.

International Shipping Insurance

In partnership with the best insurance companies, Baselog offers wide coverage for your cargo and the best rates in the market, ensuring the following amounts: Cost, Freight, Taxes, Expenses and Earnings expected in travels of door-to–door Import and Export.

Inventory Management

Addressing storage, Lots control (FIFO/FEFO), ERP Integration, Storage auditorship and Traceability of materials


Customs Clearance

Through partnerships, Baselog attends major ports, airports and Brazilian borders, being rigorous in document analysis and helping its customers with costs reduction and in meeting the deadline in international transport. Baselog also develops special projects, like imports of productive plants, studies of economic and operational viability, suggestions of tax classification of goods and studies to reduce taxes, as Ex-tariff and Drawback.
Baselog has all the necessary requirements so your business processes are released quickly and within the law.

Other Benefits

Personalized service focused on customer needs, Fully trained and prepared staff, Updated technical informative, Reports of process management, Custom follow-ups,, Customized services, Logistics costs reduction, Focus on reducing storage and Focus on eliminating Demurrage.

Process Outsourcing

Palletizing and repackaging, Cross-docking, Picking, Kits assembly, Automatic supply of production, Physical Distribution, Milk-run, Consolidation and deconsolidation of container.


Comunication Interface Via EDI/INTERNET

Data transfer between suppliers, Baselog and customers and Data receive without the need of typing documents

WMS – Warehouse Management System

Monitoring of all storage activities with more agility and accuracy, Security control (FIFO/FEFO), Product traceability control, Fast and reliable storage information update using the company’s database, Availability of information of the physical space, Availability of information for full management of the Distribution Center, Great agility in the physical inventory process, Great reliability in the audit of product inventory, Resources performance evaluation, Increased efficiency in decision making, Better integration between systems and Better customer service

TMS – Transportation Management System

Monitoring of all transport activities with increased agility and security, Control of Vehicle Tracking and Loads Monitoring, Information updates of reliable transport on real time, Availability of information for full management, Reports for performance analysis, Increased efficiency in decision making, Increased integration between WMAS and TMS systems and Better customer service

Curitiba – Matriz

Rua Professor Henrique Berg, 158 Cidade Industrial CIC


+55 41 3373-2323

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